Toby Holguin, Aldo Cadiz

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For this edition we are very happy to bring a fantastic collaboration between Aldo Cadiz & Toby Holguin, both Bad Barbie Records owners, who delivered their Curve Out EP including three fantastic tracks for our next vinyl release. The first track Curve Out presents a great base with break arrangement full of drums fills and they blend perfectly with the superb atmosphere created by the flute in the background, which generates a great ambience with its soft melody and it also gets complemented by the low stings sounds later ahead. A great hypnotic and organic groove indeed. The second track De Acero, presents a techier base and bass line than the previous one, yet it still has very present the organic elements that creates the melody and pad sounds, which also are the ones who drive the track through. Los Zompe, the third one, we can say is the deeper one mainly for its minimalistic arrangement in the base and soft bass line, yet it also presents a great amount of delicate articulations between organic and tribal elements that all together creates a magnificent and almost hypnotic vibe, also revealing the great amount of work and love dedicated to the track. For sure a slightly different art piece ep that will certainly caught the attention of many.