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Dead Flowers EP is fantastic creation that evokes the new trends of underground music with edgy rhythms and very hypnotic low-end groove. The ambience that this single provides makes it a perfect track for the club. As its not enough we have two amazing remixes for this special release, one from Markomas and the other from Massimo Cassini. Markomas remix shows a strong rework from the bass line to the base rhythm, but always keeping the original soul of track intact. The most notorious element is the added funky bass line that gives to this remix alongside the subtle and short vocals during the break, a fantastic party vibe making it very easy to listen and dance it. A true masterpiece that will become a must have for any modern dj. The second remix by Massimo Cassini went through a deeper and even more hypnotic road than the original with an incredibly simple but super effective base arrangement. He also added a couple of dark vocals to create the needed articulations, but also he did it in combination of really powerful and groovy bass line that can make a few club walls tremble. The triplet synth line in the backend is what it finishes to break the listeners head, creating a superb vibe while it evolves slowly during the whole track in a very classy and refined way, as this release deserves.

Dead Flowers EP

Re Us & Toby Holguin

VINYL: Discogs | Juno

DIGITAL: BeatportDeezer