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For this release we have to the Basswalks owner itself, Toby Holguin delivering two fantastic works with his Dodo Bird EP. The first track called 1, 2, 3, 4 presents a solid groove sustained mainly by the rhythmic elements of the track that creates a very hypnotic vibe right from this percussions. They also serve as sustention for the vocals that appears occasionally during the track, but mainly during the break generating the needed tension. The second track, the ones that carries the ep name, Dodo Bird, has a much more techno approach than the previous one, but it also has a great background ambience that presents a terrific vibe, but with an amazing amount of groove due to its strong bass line and percussions, which also functions as melodic elements too. The first of the remixes comes by Stan Kolev and Olivier Berger, two known producers for Basswalk, who took 1, 2, 3, 4 and gave it a great twist making form it an extremely groovy deep tech version, which also plays a lot with a the rhythmic elements as the original track, but with a different bass line and vibe. The second remixer is Fory, from Colombia, who decided to re-work Dodo Bird with his own techno vision giving it an amazing level of deepness and darkness, but also a great amount of energy and strength. He plays a lot with the pitch from the percussions to generate moments of tension, which are followed by a great back with its powerful bass line. The last and not least of the remixes comes by the 3Friends producer group from Valencia, Spain, who also put their hands into Dodo Bird, but they decided to explore a deeper and underground side with their minimalistic remix. Simple base elements and clear sounds, surrounded by a great atmosphere and a strong groove, is what you can perceive from this remix, which evolves slowly beat by beat building a dark and powerful groove. This is for sure a very complete and vast ep that gives many choices for the different club moments.


Toby Holguin, Olivier Berger, Stan Kolev, 3Friends, Fory

DIGITAL: Beatport